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Director : Hidetaka Miyazaki

Developer : From Software

I admit I’m too naive when think that I will understand the story while playthrough it. All my concentration goes to fight the annoying enemy, avoiding death trap, fight unforgiving monster with crazy damage and other unknown thing that lead me to painful death. In the beginning, it’s hard to grasp what’s happening in the world because every enemy, boss, even NPC (except : the Doll) at some point become heavily insane either to kill anyone or suicide with very implicit explanation. But in the end of gameplay, I starting understand the story from my perspective.

It started with the ‘blood’ that can cure every diseases and used by many people in Yharman. The ‘blood’ developed in Yharman by special Institute called Blood Ministration which founded by Laurence. However, most of people who use the ‘blood’ starting losing their sense and sanity. They even become blood thirsty alongside their physical appearance changes become a beast and starting attack innocent people. This phenomena is somewhat foreseen by Laurence master, Willem, who constantly remind his student with adage ‘Fear the old blood’. Willem understand that the ‘blood’ is not medicine, but a key for human to evolved become greater mankind which conquered by Great One or possibly become the Great One itself.

Laurence didn’t listen his master. He instead lead white-garbed ‘doctors’ and cooperate with Gehrman, who lead ‘black – garbed’ hunters, to ‘hunt’ the beast in Yharman so they can save the innocents. They develop the ‘blood’ so the doctors and hunters atleast can control the insanity of the blood and had the fairly power to defeat the beast.

Unfortunately, things not goes as Laurence and Gehrman expected. Laurence and his friend who support him can’t survive the wild drive of ‘Old Blood’ so they become beast. Gehrman also choose to succumb under Great Ones (somewhat equal to gods term in this game), which is Moon Presence, by using Umbilical Cords, the Surrogate of Great Ones. Moon Presence creating Hunters Nightmare and dreams so Gehrman can ‘manage’ the hunters for the hunt. Why the hunt important to Moon Presence? I just guessing it related to blood echoes that hunter got by defeating enemy and used for leveling or buying some items which is connected somehow to make Moon Presence stronger. Either way, he need hunter to defeat another Great Ones.

There’s three ending offered to player after you defeat all Great Ones except Moon Presence :

1. You choose to killed by Gehrman peacefully so you free from Nightmare hunters

2. You choose to kill Gehrman so Moon Presence make you as Gehrman substitute who will ‘manage’ other hunter via Nightmare and Hunter dreams

3. You choose to kill both Gehrman and Moon Presence so you become the new and the only one Great Ones. The third ending is considered as true ending.

There’s a lot of sub-plot in the story with each own lore which keep you interesting to play. Beside the challenging gameplay, the gothic setting, eerie and depressing atmosphere is presented spot on. Bloodborne is my first soulborne game and it succeed hook me to play the other souls game.