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Record of Lodoss War – Deedlit’s Tale

Record of Lodoss War – Deedlit’s Tale

Author : Ryo Mizuno

Illustrator : Setsuko Yoneyama

I’m read this manga because I’m ParnDeed Trash Shipper and curious about relationship between Parn and Deedlit which explained very little and implicit in OVA. The manga presented in shoujo artstyle so I kinda predict that the story mostly will be lovey-dovey between them. Fortunately, it’s not mainly focus about that and the execution is okay in my opinion.

There’s two volume manga. In first manga, the story mainly elaborate the reason Deedlit choose human world rather than stay in Forrest of No Return, which is her homeland. In OVA, it’s explained that Parn is the biggest reason Deedlit stay in human world. But in this manga, her reason kinda challenged by her elf friend which from the same homeland, his name is Estas.

Deedlit and Estas argue about human, where Deedlit believe there’s good side of human which she always see in Parn and Estas believe that human is bad, selfish and destructive. They betting each other to each their own belief about human in Hanan Village because that village is raided by some noble mercenary and the villager somehow divided when forced to choose fight back with Parn because they feared by death. At beginning, it as Estas expected that villager is afraid to fight and chose save their own lives. But later on, Parn decide to go alone fighting and made the villager unite to help Parn later on, which made the Deedlit belief true. I like this part of story because Parn is not taking the spotlight, but Deedlit is. He even didn’t suddenly gain almighty or other convenient power to make the villager believe to fight.

In volume two, the story basically same. Parn help people who migrate because their village destroyed by mercenaries and they need pass Forest of No Return to get protection in Valis. Deedlit again need to make sure the elder in Forest of No Return that Parn and other humans is in emergency situation and need exception of rule. Deedlit helped by Leif, a half elves-human who kinda proving Deedlit argument that human and elves can live each other peacefully, even though Leif and Deedlit too aware that there’s always some human or elves that persecuted her.

There’s other part of the story in the manga that explain other things, like the very first reason Deedlit choose go to human world, Estas reason to hate human, some cameo of other character who will come in next Lodoss series, and some ‘clingy’ act of Parn towards Deedlit.

The main point in this manga is about human and elves perspective to each other in different spectrum. The main reason Deedlit interesting to human because they had limited life and will use the remaining time to live their own life in their own limitation, which oftenly seen in Parn personality. She understand Elves ‘arrogance’ because they had long lives so they mostly didn’t have any motivation or passion like human did. At the same time, Parn learn lot to respect and protect the nature like mostly elves from Deedlit because humans oftenly destructive and didn’t care of the nature due their instinct to survive in short live. In my opinion, the relationship between Parn and Deedlit is ideal spectrum because they represent the unity and love of human and elves. It also explained later that Deedlit choose to live together with Parn and sacrifice her long live as elves.