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Bloodborne Old Hunters


Bloodborne – The Old Hunter

The Old Hunter is DLC of Bloodborne. As the titles sound I somehow believe the story took setting in one of Hunter Nightmare where Hunters and The Church starting develop the ‘Old Blood’ in the very beginning, which is the time when Laurence still comply master Willen to develop the ‘Old Blood’ so they can evolve, or atleast, connected to Great Ones. In this Hunter Nightmare you may visit some of same places in regular playthrough bloodborne, the different is, there’s still sun that rose in this place.

As for the story I grasp, I think it started when Master Willen order The Church and Hunters to took the Umblicial Cord, the Surrogate of Great Ones, in Befuddled Village which believed there’s Great One in there, the name is Kos, who worshipped by all the villager. The consequence of worshipping Kos is kinda gross because it made the villager become fishmen but somehow made them stronger than human being. The Church, either it leads by Laurence or Ludwig, and The Hunters, lead by Gehrman and his student, Maria, succed raided the village and murder every villager ruthlessly by drilled their skulls to make sure they can connect with Great Ones later. They also succed kill the Great Ones, Kos, and his child, Orphan of Kos, so they, which is Gehrman and Maria, succed get the Umblicial Cord from Kos.

Not every villager murdered actually because some of them become experimental in Research Hall so they can make contact with Great Ones. Maria, who feel guilt because her raid choose to became caretaker to every ‘patients’ in there as her redemption. Unfortunately the experiment totally failure. Most of them become insane or die. Maria choose to suicide in Astral Clocktower while keep the secret of the experiment, the villager who become Fishman, the Great One Kos and Great One Child, Orphan of Kos. While Gherman, who feel devastated by the death of his most ‘lovable’ student, choose to use Umblicial Cord by himself so he become Great Ones Moon Presence servant and had his own Hunter Dream and Nightmare, which make him survive the ‘Old Blood’. Laurence, Ludwig and other hunters who came back to Yharman with empty hand can’t handle the wild drive of ‘Old Blood’ and become beast.

My experience in this playthrough is fascinating, and still obviusly ‘challenging’. My favorite part is in boss battle, especially when fight Ludwig (The Accursed/Holly Blade) and Lady Maria. The theme song and mastering mechanism or pattern to defeat them is very interesting. Even though, there’s also frustating time, which I considered the most stressful moment while I play Bloodboren, that is when I fight Orphan of Kos. I almost lost count of how many death I had when that cunt rape me.

There’s no additional thing in story rather than explaining some things that already happen in lore, kind of prologue before Bloodborne start. But I think it definetly worth to play if you enjoy Bloodborne. The boss fight in this DLC is a pinnacle of the playthrough in my opinion.