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Tales From Earthsea

Watched 75% of the movie and I still confused what the story is all about. First there’s two dragon killing each other, then some ‘unbalance’ nature in the land happens (being told not shown), then Arren, the edgy prince, kill his father to steal Kings sword for no reason, then he meet Archmage, then he help Therru randomly, then they work a mundane life as farmer, then suddenly come the main villain screw things up and explained her evil plan, which is relatively had little connection with a very beginning the movie because all I get is the story is just about two rivalry wizard. The pacing is all over the place and a lot of magic things happen randomly so the boring plot can progress.

The finale is slightly interesting, even it’s still didn’t explain why Arren can split his shadow? why Arren want his father sword so badly that he must kill his own father? why Ged want to take Arren? what purpose of the True Name of Arren and Therru? why they suddenly know their True Name? why Therru suddenly can transform into freaking dragon out of nowhere? It seems the story only want to convey the message that life is matter and giving life to others is the most important things rather than fear of death so anything, even it’s confusing and super convenient, will happen as long as it’s follow the message.

Whisper of the heart

First half of story kinda dragged too long. The story need ‘that convenient cat’ so Shizuku can meet Seiji properly, which it gets interesting from there. The pinnacle of this story for me is when Shizuku make her own story to understand Seiji attempt to achieve his dream job in Italy. They’re both supporting and respect each other to realize their own dream, even so, I understand that is just some story flavouring because the main point is Shizuku and Seiji confess their love each other. Most drama romance movies I watched is about two potential lover stretching their own unnecessary conflict just to confess each other.

Note : The ‘KOONTRI ROODO’ song in this movie really good.

Princess Mononoke

It begins with the gods curse in Ashitaka, which is the very first reason why the plot progress because it give him the superhuman strength and compassion about the suffer of animals that die in forest because the unending war between human, led by Eboshi, and animals in deer god forest, led by Moro, San, and Okkoto. The curse may seems convenient for Ashitaka to solve his conflict but I think its somewhat ‘balanced’ because the curse itself not only challenge Ashitaka morals to make him became hateful and destructive but also weakening his body. There’s gory scene here and there, which fit the themes because war is ugly. The main plot is about Human greed-animals attack-revenge and the evil circle goes on until final battle between human and the deer god. It’s simple and became more interesting because the faction itself is kinda divided to solve their own war, which give Ashitaka opening to stop the evil circle with his belief that human and animals in forest can coexist together.

The funny thing is, the deer god, atleast to me, seems doesnt care about the war and start giving shit after he lose his head with his omnipower, which is the final conflict in this story. It have the same pattern with Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind story.

I love Ashitaka as character, even though he too idealistic and seems have no flaws, but its acceptable because he sometimes failed. His feeling toward San kinda come too fast, maybe he just a simple guy who easily love a ‘wild’ girl riding big wolf that passes him by, jokes aside, maybe because her kindness to him in forest before.

The message of this story kinda have same vibe with Nausicaa : Hatred and revenge won’t solve anything, which is kinda too naive and cliche for me, but it’s acceptable in some degree because mother nature will ‘clear things up’ if that hatred thingy messes them up. I may look complaint and nitpicking too much in this long-ass-kind-of-review, but for me, this story is very good and give me a great inspiration.

The Wind Rises

The story mainly focus to Jiro attempt to achieve his dream to build airplane, who previously dream to become a pilot but kinda adjusted because he is nearsighted. At first glance, it seems flat, but it’s presented beautifully with imaginative exposition from Jiro perspective so you can understand his way to see world. Despite his geniuses, Jiro mostly failed to build his airplane, disappointing most of every his relative and country expectation. In his crumbling morale, he meets Nahoko at second time, which will be his wife later on because she somewhat elevated his spirit to build plane again. In finale part, Jiro succeed made his first airplane with his team that at that point he regain every hope that his company and his country longing from him. There’s some kind of dramatization in finale when Nahoko, who actually dying because her sickness, decide to leave her medication just to stay side by side to Jiro untill her husband finish his big project. From there, I somewhat already know the tragic ending for Jiro. Despite of mostly realistic things that happen from beginning toward end, Nahoko last action somewhat too romantic, just like an angel who came passes by to Jiro, give him all her love and life so his husband can fulfill his dream again, which to me kinda break the immersion. Lot of technical stuff in air crafting and blend with Japan setting before world war II so you will enjoy it more if you love these kind of things.

The Secret World of Arrietty

About first half in the movie explains the life of Arrietty and her family as borrower, basically a very small sized human, to ‘borrow’ every resource they need to live, like sugar, tissue, biscuit and other things in normal human home, which is a place of Sho, the other main character. I like this part because it focus on Arrietty perspective as small human in a very giant house to them that give me a sense of adventure when she go through it.

The interaction between Arrietty and Sho is very interesting. The very main reason Arrietty and her family to survive give Sho reason to strive and fight his heart disease.

On the second half however, the ‘villain’ come, which is basically want mess Arrietty family because she thinks they thieves, which is true in some degree. I understand the story need some dramatization so Arrietty and Sho belief kinda challenged in some way, but I feel it kinda forced because in the end, even Arrietty family get caught, Sho or his aunt will protect the borrower so the ‘evil woman’ step back. Why? because Sho grandfather already know the borrower existence and create special house for them. They obviously will fight because they believe what their grandfather want to protect.
The story kinda ‘trapped’ to concept that ‘borrower must remain unknown from humans beans’ so every Sho and Arrietty attempt to break that concept is useless because at the end of the story, it remains the status quo. Despite all of that, I still enjoy and like the story.

On the second thought, I think the story can be optimize the fully potential if Sho attempt to open dialogue with Arrietty parents. The ‘dramatization’ will come between the distrust of Arrietty parents towards human generally, which itself give Sho understanding of parents protection towards their son/daughter because Sho kinda hate their parents who leave him because of their work. Soon, the ‘evil woman’ come to catch the Arrietty families but Sho save and protect them, which give them mutual belief and agreement each other so the status quo itself broke….but, hey, it’s just my opinion.