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Laputa Castle in the Sky

Laputa : Castle in the Sky (Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta)

Director and Writer : Hayao Miyazaki


My very first impression about this movie is some adventure-type kid shows. But, as the show goes one, there’s a lot of pretty animation, setting, and character interaction that made me interest to keep watching until finished.

The plot started from Sheeta, the last princess of Laputa, who abducted by government agent because they want find the lost floating castle in sky, called Laputa, which had most sophisticated technology at that time and believe had lot of gold in there. During travel, Captain Dola and her air pirate crew strike to steal Sheeta  crystal amulet. In middle of conflict between air pirate and government, Sheeta manage to escape from government airship, which technically fall off from there and saved by crystal amulet which make her float and land safely in small mining town. She passed out and later saved by Pazu, the orphan boy from that town.

Sheeta didn’t talk much about the abduction to Pazu, but she know she can believe Pazu genuine help. She also can relate to Pazu dream to find Laputa because Pazu Father lost in the middle of searching Laputa. The peaceful moment didn’t last forever because the air pirate crew come to Pazu house. Sheeta choose to escape by herself but Pazu decide to save her. The chasing started in town and ended by Pazu and Sheeta fall from railway, but then saved (again) by Sheeta crystal amulet that made both of them floating and land into small mine. In there, they meet Uncle Pomme who tell them that the crystal amulet is created from Volucite Crystal, crystal that originally come from Laputa. Knowing that and Sheeta story, Pazu decide to take journey with Sheeta to Laputa.

Unfortunately, Pazu and Sheeta captured by military government and taken to Fortress of Tedis. Sheeta told Pazu that her real name is Lucita Toel Ul Laputa and had royal blood related to Laputa castle. She worried Pazu safety so she ask the government to release him in exchange she will cooperate with government to find Laputa. Later on, Pazu ‘get paid’ by Government and expelled by them.

Pazu who feel defeated back to his hometown with self hatred. Surpisingly he ‘welcomed’ by Captain Dola and her crew in his home, mocked because his cowardness then feel motivated to go back and save Sheeta with Captain Dola and her crew, even he know Dola only want Sheeta’s crystal amulet.

At the same time, Sheeta accidentally activated the broken robot who come from Laputa. The robot starting rage when he detect there’s threat to Sheeta. He take Sheeta while destroying the entire fortress with his deadly laser. Sheeta still panic though because she can’t control the robot. The government fight back by shooting the robot with their strongest cannon in fortress. Before the Robot exploded, Pazu came and save Sheeta, left the Fortress into rain of fire.

Sheeta, together with Pazu, joins the Air Pirate to find Laputa Castle in sky while Musk and the Government follow along. Both of them succed strive into wall of cloud and storm, where the Laputa Castle floating inside. There’s no human remains in the castle except the birds and the robot who still functioning in there. Sheeta and Pazu can feel the peacefulness in the castle, not long after the Government strive and made them separated again. The Government starting the raid without doubt to stole every gold remains in castle. Musk different though. He come inside throne room with Sheeta forcefully, where he can control the special weapon in Laputa, which is the castle itself.

Same like Sheeta, Musk is royal blood of Laputa. He want conquer world by using Laputa castle as his ultimate weapon and ressurect Laputa from it’s extinction. In the middle of that chaos, Pazu comes after saving Captain Dolan and her crew. He succed saved Sheeta, even they both still lose because Musk had gun to threat them. They both planned to made Laputa self-destruct using Sheeta crystal power and secret code that only the royal blood know, even they both know they can die because this decision. The plan succeed, Laputa destroyed and Musk fall, probably dead, along with castle’s debris. Pazu and Sheeta, conveniently, saved by their last airplane. Captain Dolan and her crew also survived with some Laputa gold. They separate each other and the adventure of Laputa ends.

I understand this is a kid adventure movie. There’s a a lot convenient thing to Sheeta and Pazu to survive their journey, but then again, I feel it’s not in the degree of breaking the immersion. The relationship of Pazu and Sheeta is sweet and innocent. They still kids who oftentimes confused and scared of the adult’s mischief, but they still fight with their own way. It amazes me that they choose to make Laputa self-destruct in final act even that decision risk their very life. The main themes in the story I guess about anti-war message, which is corny for old man like me, but I still can enjoy for what it is because the MC is two innocent kid, which I can’t hate because their sweet relationship and innocent and brave act, not being annoying by doing cheesy stuff. Other than that, you can enjoy watch it by the beautiful setting, fluid animation, and sometimes cartoony comedic.

Bloodborne Old Hunters


Bloodborne – The Old Hunter

The Old Hunter is DLC of Bloodborne. As the titles sound I somehow believe the story took setting in one of Hunter Nightmare where Hunters and The Church starting develop the ‘Old Blood’ in the very beginning, which is the time when Laurence still comply master Willen to develop the ‘Old Blood’ so they can evolve, or atleast, connected to Great Ones. In this Hunter Nightmare you may visit some of same places in regular playthrough bloodborne, the different is, there’s still sun that rose in this place.

As for the story I grasp, I think it started when Master Willen order The Church and Hunters to took the Umblicial Cord, the Surrogate of Great Ones, in Befuddled Village which believed there’s Great One in there, the name is Kos, who worshipped by all the villager. The consequence of worshipping Kos is kinda gross because it made the villager become fishmen but somehow made them stronger than human being. The Church, either it leads by Laurence or Ludwig, and The Hunters, lead by Gehrman and his student, Maria, succed raided the village and murder every villager ruthlessly by drilled their skulls to make sure they can connect with Great Ones later. They also succed kill the Great Ones, Kos, and his child, Orphan of Kos, so they, which is Gehrman and Maria, succed get the Umblicial Cord from Kos.

Not every villager murdered actually because some of them become experimental in Research Hall so they can make contact with Great Ones. Maria, who feel guilt because her raid choose to became caretaker to every ‘patients’ in there as her redemption. Unfortunately the experiment totally failure. Most of them become insane or die. Maria choose to suicide in Astral Clocktower while keep the secret of the experiment, the villager who become Fishman, the Great One Kos and Great One Child, Orphan of Kos. While Gherman, who feel devastated by the death of his most ‘lovable’ student, choose to use Umblicial Cord by himself so he become Great Ones Moon Presence servant and had his own Hunter Dream and Nightmare, which make him survive the ‘Old Blood’. Laurence, Ludwig and other hunters who came back to Yharman with empty hand can’t handle the wild drive of ‘Old Blood’ and become beast.

My experience in this playthrough is fascinating, and still obviusly ‘challenging’. My favorite part is in boss battle, especially when fight Ludwig (The Accursed/Holly Blade) and Lady Maria. The theme song and mastering mechanism or pattern to defeat them is very interesting. Even though, there’s also frustating time, which I considered the most stressful moment while I play Bloodboren, that is when I fight Orphan of Kos. I almost lost count of how many death I had when that cunt rape me.

There’s no additional thing in story rather than explaining some things that already happen in lore, kind of prologue before Bloodborne start. But I think it definetly worth to play if you enjoy Bloodborne. The boss fight in this DLC is a pinnacle of the playthrough in my opinion.



Director : Hidetaka Miyazaki

Developer : From Software

I admit I’m too naive when think that I will understand the story while playthrough it. All my concentration goes to fight the annoying enemy, avoiding death trap, fight unforgiving monster with crazy damage and other unknown thing that lead me to painful death. In the beginning, it’s hard to grasp what’s happening in the world because every enemy, boss, even NPC (except : the Doll) at some point become heavily insane either to kill anyone or suicide with very implicit explanation. But in the end of gameplay, I starting understand the story from my perspective.

It started with the ‘blood’ that can cure every diseases and used by many people in Yharman. The ‘blood’ developed in Yharman by special Institute called Blood Ministration which founded by Laurence. However, most of people who use the ‘blood’ starting losing their sense and sanity. They even become blood thirsty alongside their physical appearance changes become a beast and starting attack innocent people. This phenomena is somewhat foreseen by Laurence master, Willem, who constantly remind his student with adage ‘Fear the old blood’. Willem understand that the ‘blood’ is not medicine, but a key for human to evolved become greater mankind which conquered by Great One or possibly become the Great One itself.

Laurence didn’t listen his master. He instead lead white-garbed ‘doctors’ and cooperate with Gehrman, who lead ‘black – garbed’ hunters, to ‘hunt’ the beast in Yharman so they can save the innocents. They develop the ‘blood’ so the doctors and hunters atleast can control the insanity of the blood and had the fairly power to defeat the beast.

Unfortunately, things not goes as Laurence and Gehrman expected. Laurence and his friend who support him can’t survive the wild drive of ‘Old Blood’ so they become beast. Gehrman also choose to succumb under Great Ones (somewhat equal to gods term in this game), which is Moon Presence, by using Umbilical Cords, the Surrogate of Great Ones. Moon Presence creating Hunters Nightmare and dreams so Gehrman can ‘manage’ the hunters for the hunt. Why the hunt important to Moon Presence? I just guessing it related to blood echoes that hunter got by defeating enemy and used for leveling or buying some items which is connected somehow to make Moon Presence stronger. Either way, he need hunter to defeat another Great Ones.

There’s three ending offered to player after you defeat all Great Ones except Moon Presence :

1. You choose to killed by Gehrman peacefully so you free from Nightmare hunters

2. You choose to kill Gehrman so Moon Presence make you as Gehrman substitute who will ‘manage’ other hunter via Nightmare and Hunter dreams

3. You choose to kill both Gehrman and Moon Presence so you become the new and the only one Great Ones. The third ending is considered as true ending.

There’s a lot of sub-plot in the story with each own lore which keep you interesting to play. Beside the challenging gameplay, the gothic setting, eerie and depressing atmosphere is presented spot on. Bloodborne is my first soulborne game and it succeed hook me to play the other souls game.

Goodbye, things


Title : Goodbye, things
Author : Fumio Sasaki

I read the book out of curiosity without knowing anything about minimalism and other kind of that. This book structured by five part.

First part, the Author explained the definition of minimalism which is reducing your possession into absolute minimum you needed. The possession itself, as Author elaborated, mostly come from the things we had which tend bought or took because unnecessary drive from us without realizing that there’s ‘cost’ of maintaining that unneeded things.

Second part, the Author took more deep explanation about the drive of possession or urge to buy or keep things. The author explain that human had social drive from born so they need external validation, either it’s from their inner circle social, family, friend, community or workplace, which often times indicated by things we had, even the things itself is not needed by us. We, as author said, ‘sacrifice’ energy, money, or time to maintain that unnecessary things because afraid of (bad) social judgment. The things is not to blame, because things just being exist for functioning, whatever it is. The problem lies to people who had uncontrollable drive to possess the things without full consent about maintaining it and slowly made the people lying him/herself about their anxiety of maintaining it, making false pride based of that unneeded things. The satisfaction from buying or keeping possession always gradually decline in matter of time, which made people urge to buy new things after that and the chain effect of possession going back to loop.

The ‘silent threat’ of possession told by the Author together with his way to becoming minimalist which divided into 55 way and 15 steps for next stage of the minimalist journey in third part. The 55 way explained clearly based of author experience live in Japan. The 15 steps is somehow additional things that Author do to constantly keep his minimalist lifestyle and made their unique identity. It is clear enough to understand when you read this chapter, but at the same time, there’s certain part that you feel disconnected or unusual to do because Author experiences in Japan is not always had same condition in reader who live from different country.

Fourth and fifth part mainly explain about positive impact from being minimalist lifestyle. The Author explained briefly that the effect apply to saving cost, energy and time from reducing the possessing so you had more time, energy and time to focus what you really need and want, purely honest from your own heart, not judged from your inner social. It is predictable that after succeed self discovery and free from false judgment of social or mainstream media about possessing thing is happiness, you can reach ‘true’ happiness.

That being said, I understand, and agree in some degree, that the general principle of minimalist lifestyle is being content and grateful of life, not dictated of false possessing things. However, I believe that the ‘urge’ to possessing new things is not absolute bad if you fully understand what you needed and know the value you get later. I agree mostly social or mainstream media oftentimes give false advertisement to keep or possessing things, but sometimes, there’s people who actually care about us and know what we needed even we kinda blind to see their genuine perspective. To those who live in kind of place that full of facilities, easy access to buy or keep foods, clothes, transportation and houses, I think this book give a pretty good insight.


Final Fantasy XV – Kingsglaive

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive

Director : Takeshi Nozue

There’s no doubt that CGI and animation in this movie is pretty and smooth, which could be entertaining if you take it as action flick. Unfortunately, the plot of the story kinda forced their convoluted way to progress so you may confused what’s going on. As in my personal opinion, I found some things to questioning the story :

  1. Niffleheim Empire already have Magiteck Technology and Daemons army after succeed conquer Tenebrae kingdom to basically engulf Lucis Kingdom. Why they bother to force Luna, the princess of Tenebrae, to marry Noctis, the prince of Lucis, as agreement of ‘peace’? Why they bother offering ‘peace agreement’ to Regis, King of Lucis, even they know Regis itself couldn’t barely hold any longer the magic barrier in Insomnia? They can just wait untill Regis exhaust himself then attack Insomnia full strike to conquer it.

  2. Niffleheim agreement of ‘peace’ is just a trick so they can move inside to Insomnia to steal the crystal, which can be used to dissapear the magic barrier, and the ring of Luci, the so-legendary artifact that can made the user to use godly-power of the Six. Why King Regis didn’t foresaw this? Lucis Kingdom had emerge war with Niffleheim so many year, why he didn’t realize that Niffleheim just want to wreck their kingdom?

  3. There’s also traitor in Kingsglaive, which obvously influenced by Niffleheim, that succeed make a fuss in Lucis Kingdom before the sign of peace treaty so some people in Lucis rebel their own king. Why (once again) King Regis didn’t realize this? Is he should know there’s something wrong in Kingsglaive or Niffleheim peace agreement when Crowe get asassinated?

  4. The ring of Lucii can only used by those who inherent King Regis blood. Those who force to use it will be burned alive by the ring and those who had the King’s blood must pay ‘blood price’ to use it. If it so, then why the Kingsglaive traitor bother to fight their own king so they can take the ring? They died in process to mastering the ring in the end. The rule of the ring itself kinda inconsistent because Nyx, who didn’t inherent the blood of kings, can use it later on without being killed first because the Six ‘feel’ he kinda worth it.

  5. When King Regis meet Nyx and Luna in middle of war in Insomnia, he explained that he ‘planned’ Niffleheim to attack him in Insomnia so he can make sure his son, Noctis, safe from them awhile and decide to give the ring to Luna to carry it to Noctis so Lucis Kingdom can fight the Niffleheim again. Why he didn’t take Noctis to Insomnia and train him with the ring power before all of his power drained instead give in to Niffleheim? Is that better way for his kingdom and his son to win the war? His plan is suicidal and sacrifice not only his kingsglaive but also most of his people and their trust.

I haven’t play the FF XV game and I understand this movie is prologue of the game. But, most of the main character that died and the few that still alive in the movie is used for Noctis purpose in the game later, which to me, make the entire Kingsglaive story can be skippable or just explained with some sort of synopsis because Noctis didn’t have any role in Kingsglaive.

Squall Leonheart – Rinoa Heartilly Relationship >< Ultimecia is Rinoa and Griever is Squall Theory

Too long title, but I hope you understand what I want to convey about Squall, Rinoa, and theory between them in Final Fantasy VIII. First of, let’s start from Squall. Squall introduced as fearsome warrior in training with his unique weapon called Gunblade, which only he and Seifer as far as I know, can mastering it. Despite his greatness, Squall is lone wolf, often times detached to his friend or other colleague around him, supress his emotions to people and loyal to his own duty as SeeD. In simple way, Squall good at doing his job as SeeD but bad in building social relationship with other people, including his SeeD teammates. He even easily said things harshly to or detached himself from his friend because he didn’t want get involved to their personal problem or hate just being social like normal people.

Squall, the reluctant hero, didn’t become full cold person without any reason. In the game, you can see him doing internal monologue, conflicting himself that he know his cold attitude is wrong to people but he didn’t want to admit it. The reason is, he hate being lonely after separated with person he liked or loved that already happened in his childhood when he left out by his step-mother, Edea and his step-sister, Elone, so he choose to avoid any intimate relationship with his friend in the beginning rather than suffer the same loneliness later on. Most his friend (Quistis, Selphie, Zell, Irvine), even the headmaster himself, Cid, always give him friendly advice to express his emotion, but he reject it.

Then comes Rinoa, a cheerful, expressive, and spirited young woman who had any opposite personalities from Squall. It is fun to see when Rinoa always get agitated everytime Squall become full cold and closed person mode as he is. Their relationship developed when Squall saved Rinoa from Edea’s attempt to murder her. Rinoa know that Squall strong enough to protect her from the fear that always she hide from her heart when battle goes on.

Rinoa understand Squall problem of expressing his emotion so she always being pushy, and clingy sometimes, to help him, even Squall didn’t like it at first. Little by little, Squall starting open his heart to Rinoa and his friends, which made him emotionally stable when he appointed as new leader of Balamb Garden/SeeD. His emotions even ‘explode’ when Rinoa got into comatose, which I think is interesting moment because you can see Squall soft side in there. They both love each other in the end. The dramatization also start when Rinoa becoming sorceress after getting posessed by Ultimecia, which is the main target of SeeD, but Squall didn’t obey what SeeD destined to do and choose to protect Rinoa instead sealed her in Esthar.

Like I said, I enjoy their relationship and development, but I hate to say that I didn’t like the execution that made me always feel disconnected after the main plot strikes. Every Rinoa, and other Squall’s friend, attempt to open Squall’s heart, it is done with very ‘teenager way’, like ask him to prom-dance, watch the band, and love triangle thingy, which sometimes annoying. I mean, it breaking the immersion when your main character rolling on some romantic-comedy event while they are on their mission to save the world from evil sorceress. I believe it can be executed better without throwing the impact of the main plot, which thankfully happens before fight Adel.

Squall and Rinoa relationship almost take a lot of portion in game-story, although I feel the result of that many events somehow forced to impact indirectly the main plot and made Ultimecia role solely to ‘that evil sorceress who hate human just because’. There’s a interesting theory that Ultimecia is Rinoa and Griever is Squall. As crazy as it sounds, it can potentially right and can made FF VIII story and Ultimecia more depth, even though there’s some problem in that theory.

If FF VIII themes about love, the Ultimecia is Rinoa theory can be implemented like this in my perspective : Squall dead, either when he attempt to save Rinoa or passed away because age, left Rinoa into grieve and made her sorceress skill conquer her sanity. It is explained that Sorceress need her ‘knight’ to stabilize her emotion from the consequences of sorceress skill. Moving on, Squal Soul become GF, which is Griever and protect Rinoa who gradually become Ultimecia, the mad sorceress, in the future because her grieve and most human hate her in every generation. Ultimecia then travel back time by using machine that had same power like Elone in future to Edea and choose her as person who will she control. Edea and Cid make SeeD because they know the danger of Ultimecia, which is basically Ultimecia plan all along. Ultimecia plan to make Squall and other SeeD succeed in new universe so ‘Rinoa’ in that universe can survive defeating herself in her own castle later. After Ultimecia defeated, she transferring her power to Edea once again in past time to make sure her pre-destined lost will be repeated and ‘Rinoa’ in new universe still alive happily with Squall, her beloved. It become bitter sweet ending to this Ultimecia version. Atleast it is suceed make Ultimecia as sympathetic villain if you put convoluted and confusing time travel and alternation universe aside.

Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy VIII

Director : Yoshinori Kitase

Publisher : Square

I played the game around 10 years ago and I barely remember the story, except how cool Squall’s Limit Break and how intense when fight Omega Weapon by relying on Limit Break to damage and fast strategic move to not getting killed by his Terra Break.

Anyway, the main plot started from the ‘eeevviilll’ sorceress called Ultimecia, the sorceres from future who travel back to past to changed her fate that she will be killed by Legendary SeeD, kinda like Terminator Story. The different is, Ultimecia can’t take her body back to the past, only her consciusness, so she need another person body in the past time. The ‘person’ that selected is Edea.

Edea, who realize that she can’t fight back Ultimecia mind control, decide to made special organization with his husband, Cid, called SeeD, to kill her, in attempt to stop Ultimecia. In that time, Edea nurturing orphan child who will be the main character of the game, which is Squall, Zell, Irvine, Quistis, Selphie, and Seifer. They later on become SeeD in Balamb Garden, special forces that lead by Cid as Headmaster.

The main character grown and become a fully pledged SeeD under Cid supervision. Why they didn’t remember Edea when Edea reveal in international Television that she is a ‘Peace Representative’ by the president? Because they use Guardian Force, basically a summoning monster, that made them had past memory loss. Seifer, however, took diferent path to becoming ‘Knight of the Sorceress’ so he rebel from Balamb Garden.

There’s some ‘mercenaries stuff’ in the beginning that Squall and his friends rolling at untill their mission becoming to kill the evil Sorceress in the present time, Edea who get possessed by Ultimecia to be precise. Rinoa, the main heroine, is the key character that take them to this primary mission. They failed in their first attempt, which made them jailed by Sorceress Troops, Galbadia to be exact, and start ‘SeeD hunting’ to kill the potential SeeD who will kill Ultimecia in future. The secondary mission of the sorceress is find Elone, the girl who can, somehow, manipulated man’s mind to past event.

Elone is step-sister of Squall, which unfortunately forgotten by Squall because ‘GF thingy’s’. In about the game, she made Squall and some of his friends magically sleep to see Laguna past. Laguna past basically telling about some background story of many places that you will visit later in present times, backstory about Rinoa and Squall parent’s (I strongly feel that Laguna is Squall Father even the game didn’t mention it explicitly), and lastly the story about how he trapped Adel, ‘some’ old Sorceress in the past, to moon with her monster. The final journey of Laguna is he, suprisingly, become a President of Esthar.

Elone as a key person who tell about the memory that Squall and his friend forgotten made them strongly believe that their destined mission to kill Ultimecia by defeating Edea must be done. Rinoa also decide to help them to fulfill the mission. Their second attempt is succeed. But right before Edea defeated, Ultimecia consciusness move to Rinoa, made her comatose for awhile.

Long story short, Rinoa awakened in possessed state by Ultimecia, then go to the moon to freed Adel and the monster. Ultimecia succeed ‘move’ to Adel and Rinoa left out to the space. But Squall come to save her and get back to earth by using cool loking ship called Ragnarok. They later on, finally, meet Laguna. From there, everything confusing about space-time-travelling somehow explained. Laguna also set a strategy to defeat Ultimecia in future. How? By defeating Adel, and made Elone ‘calibrate that frequency-thingy’ so Squall and his friends can travel to future, in Ultimecia castle in exact, to defeat the evil sorceress once for all.

After Ultimecia defeated, Squall and his friends must go back to their present time, which force them to ‘sail’ the river of time and space. They made a promise in spesific time and space so they didn’t get lost in that ‘river’. Everyone managed to get back, except Squall. Thankfully, Rinoa saved him and back together to present time. Ultimecia dead and everyone happily ever after. Yeayy…..

That being said, I’m not a big fan of time travelling, fatalism and amnesia as plot device. I feel it made the story full of unecessary complicated event and multiple universe that potentially may convoluted. Here’s some thing that bothering me about the story :

  1. Ultimecia primary objective is to kill the ‘Legendary SeeD’ who will defeat her in future, which obviusly is Squall. Why she didn’t realize it’s him when she possessing Edea? Why she bother to jail Squall, not execute him, after she succeed defeat him? She instead wasting her time to find Elone, which I know she had their own reason, and massacre the other SeeD. If there’s reason, I think it’s because she using GF too so she forgot her killer but then again, it would be stupid if she come back to past and forget what to do.

  2. I understand that ‘mercenary thingy’s’ is somehow an introduction of Squall to his friend and Rinoa, but I feel that part is meaningless. Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Quistis, and Selphie presented very bland in this introduction story, except Seifer. Thankfully it’s starting get interesting when their mission is to kill Edea. Back to the SeeD, if SeeD is made for kill the sorceress, why bother to do the mercenary? Is Adel, the Sorceress in past, had a big threat to mostly the world because her power and monster that she summoned? Why Cid must hide the true SeeD purpose? I know Cid is somehow lack of fund so he should do that mercenaries, but it is dumb if the world safety is at stake. Why Cid didn’t ask help to another kingdom for his noble purpose? I bet world will help him if his purpose to defeat the most dangerous threat in that universe.

  3. The definiton of ‘Sorceress’ is kinda vague. I don’t know where to start, but Rinoa is sorceress neither because her heir or Ultimecia possessing. There’s lack of explanation. Even Ultimecia and Adel is not explored. It’s unfortunate because if the sorceress is defined clearly plus Ultimecia and Adel backstory explained, they will be an awesome main villain. Their main reason to ‘conquer the world and time’ is told simply because mostly human hate sorceress without any exploration.

  4. There’s scene where Edea (possessed by Ultimecia) killed the president in front of public speeching and then the people still ‘watching’ her as it is normal event, which make my mind kinda frozen for a moment. It made lack of tension because the people in the world presented like they didn’t care about the sorceress, except SeeD and other Garden. I know Galbadia, the garden that conquered by Sorceress,  sometimes go to other the city to spread the terror, but it’s somehow didn’t include the Sorceress presence in there.

  5. There’s ‘High School’ theme’s in Balamb or other Garden, which to me, is unecessary. Why bother made the military system who purposelly to kill evil sorceress like academic school? I know the concept ‘somewhat’ fit, but shoving the ‘high school’ themes with prom-dance, school festival, and teenagers love made the SeeD forces seems only know to joke around.

  6. The very reason Elone made Squall see Laguna past because Elone missed Laguna so bad and want see it, even it is in memories. Funnily, she didn’t realize that Laguna still alive and exist as President Esthar untill she get caught by Galbadia and saved by Esthar. I understand Squall forget Elone because using GF, but she can explain it normally to retell the story to Squall if she remember Squall that much. It made unecessary event for Squall to grasp his purpose.

  7. In the ending, you will see dying Ultimecia who travel to the past and transfer all her power to Edea before she dead. It is somehow explain that Ultimecia choose Edea not randomly and that was her fatal mistake because Edea and Cid later on make SeeD who will defeat her in future. The whole story, if you do rightly, is kind see the time loop about fall of Ultimecia. It is expected in kind of fatalism story. But, the question arise when Edea explained that sorceress can’t die before she transfer all her power to someone. If the dying Ultimecia come from the future with condition fully knowing that people who defeated her is Squall, including Edea, why she still insist to choose Edea? If she choose another person, Edea won’t make SeeD, probably not have bigger motivation to do so, and she didn’t have any risk to defeated in future later on.

    Despite it’s flaws, I still enjoyed it because Squall and Rinoa relationship in game (I will write this separetely), even that thing also had their own problem. For the battle system, I just realize that junction system can broke the player stat even in their low level (I watched full playthorugh in YouTube that he finished perfectly the game just by lv 10-30 each character). But if you do conventionally, you will enjoy the battle, especially when boss battle, either is storyline or optional. The animation, sound effect and soundtrack in battle really engaging and memorable for me.




Author : Urasawa Naoki – Takashi Nagasaki (Supervised by Macoto Tezka)

The story is reinvented from Astro Boy “The Greatest Robot On Earth” (Chijo Saidai no Robotto). Urasawa made this robot-action oriented story become mystery-thriller genre story in same setting. The main character and narration heavily weight to Gesicht rather than Atom. I read it because curiosity and ended finished reading all chapter marathon in one night.

The main villain in this story is a Thracian Supercomputer, called Roosevelt, which basically is super A.I. who control United States of Thracian indirectly by ordering The president. He starting conflict to Monarchy Persian by ‘blaming’ them for making robot troops and send the United Thracian robot army to give them some ‘democracy’. Lead by seven strongest robot, Atom is one of them, United Thracian win the war and made Persian turn into democratic country.

The peace agreement, robot lives equal with human, goes on after the war, but then, fast forward eight year, one of seven strongest robot, Mont Blanc, killed monstrously, which believed killed by robot. But then, the mysterious murder continues, kill some founder and activist of robot-equal law which is questionable because robot can’t be programmed to kill human.

Gesicht, one of seven strongest robot and great detective, trying to solve the mysterious murder and succed to know that the murderer targetting seven strongest robot that lead war before. It is explained later on that to become strongest robot is not because their power only, but because they had ‘emotion’ like human.

Gesicht found that the murderer is Pluto, great robot with only ‘hatred emotion’ intentionally by his creator, Professor Abullah. Pluto somehow interesting because it is robot with human complexity. Why? Because Abullah made Sahad, his own son, becoming Pluto A.I. so Pluto had ‘emotion’ which manipullated to had only ‘hatred’ emotion.

Almost all strongest robot destroyed by Pluto. Gesicht also died in the middle of his investigation, left Atom with his memory chip to continue fight Pluto. Same as other strongest robot, Atom too had emotion so when he strive Pluto, both of them fight with their own anger and hatred. Fortunately, Atom learn from Gesicht that hatred won’t solve anything so he reconciliate with Pluto, which amazingly agree because Pluto consciousness come from Sahad who basically human who hates war and violence. They later on found that the death of strongest robot happen because Rooselvelt want activated Bora, the great robot with nuclear weapon, to eliminate most of human so the remaining population will become Rooselvet slave later on. In final fight, Atom and Pluto come challenge Bora and suceed destroy Bora with Pluto sacrifice himself. Roosevelt also destroyed by Brau 1589, the afield robot who kill human before.

The main theme in Astro Boy oftentimes about harmonizing relationship between robot and human, so the conflict usually comes from neither robot who hates human or human who hated robot radically. In Pluto however, the themes takes more deeper to ‘emotion’, what made us humans. The strongest robot in this story had emotion like human, even they had  to adopt human children, married with robot, took care old man, feel anger or sad when someone they loved hurt, and other things human do to strengthen their emotion. Gesicht, ironically, dead by his own son (robot) who programmed to shot him by Roosevelt. It is interesting themes that being strongest in this universe means had same feeling and vulnerable like human being. I personally feel that what Urasawa wants to tell in this story is ‘Hatred changes Nothing’ and ‘being human made you stronger than others but will make you insane if you dive to hatred and anger’.

Record of Lodoss War – Deedlit’s Tale

Record of Lodoss War – Deedlit’s Tale

Author : Ryo Mizuno

Illustrator : Setsuko Yoneyama

I’m read this manga because I’m ParnDeed Trash Shipper and curious about relationship between Parn and Deedlit which explained very little and implicit in OVA. The manga presented in shoujo artstyle so I kinda predict that the story mostly will be lovey-dovey between them. Fortunately, it’s not mainly focus about that and the execution is okay in my opinion.

There’s two volume manga. In first manga, the story mainly elaborate the reason Deedlit choose human world rather than stay in Forrest of No Return, which is her homeland. In OVA, it’s explained that Parn is the biggest reason Deedlit stay in human world. But in this manga, her reason kinda challenged by her elf friend which from the same homeland, his name is Estas.

Deedlit and Estas argue about human, where Deedlit believe there’s good side of human which she always see in Parn and Estas believe that human is bad, selfish and destructive. They betting each other to each their own belief about human in Hanan Village because that village is raided by some noble mercenary and the villager somehow divided when forced to choose fight back with Parn because they feared by death. At beginning, it as Estas expected that villager is afraid to fight and chose save their own lives. But later on, Parn decide to go alone fighting and made the villager unite to help Parn later on, which made the Deedlit belief true. I like this part of story because Parn is not taking the spotlight, but Deedlit is. He even didn’t suddenly gain almighty or other convenient power to make the villager believe to fight.

In volume two, the story basically same. Parn help people who migrate because their village destroyed by mercenaries and they need pass Forest of No Return to get protection in Valis. Deedlit again need to make sure the elder in Forest of No Return that Parn and other humans is in emergency situation and need exception of rule. Deedlit helped by Leif, a half elves-human who kinda proving Deedlit argument that human and elves can live each other peacefully, even though Leif and Deedlit too aware that there’s always some human or elves that persecuted her.

There’s other part of the story in the manga that explain other things, like the very first reason Deedlit choose go to human world, Estas reason to hate human, some cameo of other character who will come in next Lodoss series, and some ‘clingy’ act of Parn towards Deedlit.

The main point in this manga is about human and elves perspective to each other in different spectrum. The main reason Deedlit interesting to human because they had limited life and will use the remaining time to live their own life in their own limitation, which oftenly seen in Parn personality. She understand Elves ‘arrogance’ because they had long lives so they mostly didn’t have any motivation or passion like human did. At the same time, Parn learn lot to respect and protect the nature like mostly elves from Deedlit because humans oftenly destructive and didn’t care of the nature due their instinct to survive in short live. In my opinion, the relationship between Parn and Deedlit is ideal spectrum because they represent the unity and love of human and elves. It also explained later that Deedlit choose to live together with Parn and sacrifice her long live as elves.

Parn (Record of Lodoss War Main Character)


Parn (Record of Lodoss War Main Character)

At the very beginning I watched record of Lodoss war OVA, I see Parn as typical main character who morally good, reckless, risk their own life for people in need, not talented but hardworking and oftentimes virtue signalling. As cliche as it sounds, Parn doing all of that because most people misunderstood his father as dishonoured man who become outlaw. He sad that his father passed away before restore his honor so he want proof to everyone that his father is man of honor like his heart believe. He even use his father armour and sword to fulfill his inner believe to the world. He also reject King Fahn offering to use King’s armour after succeed saving King’s daughter because he still remains consistent with his father armour to restore his father name.

Parn not born as greatest warrior. He oftentimes lose in battle and shaking to fear in his first kill. He may undergo a lot of training from many master but it didn’t guarantee his victory. Mostly, he got backlash because his thoughtless action, which made his character development interesting to invest. In my opinion, he is the true underdog in this story.

In very first untill middle part of story, Parn aligned to King Fahn and Valis, which basically the good side. But in last part, he forced himself to use both of Holy Sword and Demon Sword Soul Crusher to save Deedlit. At that point he realize that ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’ is must stand equal for the peace of land so he escape when Valis want reward him as Hero of the Light and choose to become Free Knight with Deedlit to save people in need, no longer see it from light and dark perception. Again, his final development subvert my expectation.

I see many kind of underdog character (Naruto for example) which kinda follow the same formula but later on they become the chosen one or inherit some special power from their ‘legendary’ parent which made them got all the convenient power to gain all the victory and somewhat made them less interesting to invest. They also often times being ‘dense’ to other MC heroine who had love interest to them and later on getting together awkwardly.

Parn is different though. He remains underdog, even in his last battle when he want to save Deedlit. He also express his mutual feeling toward Deedlit after being dense in period of time in interesting manner and timing. I know I usually annoyed of how naive, reckless and being noisy he is with his corny virtue signalling, but in the end I like him as character because his development in his journey.