Princess Mononoke

It begins with the gods curse in Ashitaka, which is the very first reason why the plot progress because it give him the superhuman strength and compassion about the suffer of animals that die in forest because the unending war between human, led by Eboshi, and animals in deer god forest, led by Moro, San, and Okkoto. The curse may seems convenient for Ashitaka to solve his conflict but I think its somewhat ‘balanced’ because the curse itself not only challenge Ashitaka morals to make him became hateful and destructive but also weakening his body. There’s gory scene here and there, which fit the themes because war is ugly. The main plot is about Human greed-animals attack-revenge and the evil circle goes on until final battle between human and the deer god. It’s simple and became more interesting because the faction itself is kinda divided to solve their own war, which give Ashitaka opening to stop the evil circle with his belief that human and animals in forest can coexist together.

The funny thing is, the deer god, atleast to me, seems doesnt care about the war and start giving shit after he lose his head with his omnipower, which is the final conflict in this story. It have the same pattern with Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind story.

I love Ashitaka as character, even though he too idealistic and seems have no flaws, but its acceptable because he sometimes failed. His feeling toward San kinda come too fast, maybe he just a simple guy who easily love a ‘wild’ girl riding big wolf that passes him by, jokes aside, maybe because her kindness to him in forest before.

The message of this story kinda have same vibe with Nausicaa : Hatred and revenge won’t solve anything, which is kinda too naive and cliche for me, but it’s acceptable in some degree because mother nature will ‘clear things up’ if that hatred thingy messes them up. I may look complaint and nitpicking too much in this long-ass-kind-of-review, but for me, this story is very good and give me a great inspiration.

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