The Wind Rises

The story mainly focus to Jiro attempt to achieve his dream to build airplane, who previously dream to become a pilot but kinda adjusted because he is nearsighted. At first glance, it seems flat, but it’s presented beautifully with imaginative exposition from Jiro perspective so you can understand his way to see world. Despite his geniuses, Jiro mostly failed to build his airplane, disappointing most of every his relative and country expectation. In his crumbling morale, he meets Nahoko at second time, which will be his wife later on because she somewhat elevated his spirit to build plane again. In finale part, Jiro succeed made his first airplane with his team that at that point he regain every hope that his company and his country longing from him. There’s some kind of dramatization in finale when Nahoko, who actually dying because her sickness, decide to leave her medication just to stay side by side to Jiro untill her husband finish his big project. From there, I somewhat already know the tragic ending for Jiro. Despite of mostly realistic things that happen from beginning toward end, Nahoko last action somewhat too romantic, just like an angel who came passes by to Jiro, give him all her love and life so his husband can fulfill his dream again, which to me kinda break the immersion. Lot of technical stuff in air crafting and blend with Japan setting before world war II so you will enjoy it more if you love these kind of things.

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