Final Fantasy XV – Kingsglaive

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive

Director : Takeshi Nozue

There’s no doubt that CGI and animation in this movie is pretty and smooth, which could be entertaining if you take it as action flick. Unfortunately, the plot of the story kinda forced their convoluted way to progress so you may confused what’s going on. As in my personal opinion, I found some things to questioning the story :

  1. Niffleheim Empire already have Magiteck Technology and Daemons army after succeed conquer Tenebrae kingdom to basically engulf Lucis Kingdom. Why they bother to force Luna, the princess of Tenebrae, to marry Noctis, the prince of Lucis, as agreement of ‘peace’? Why they bother offering ‘peace agreement’ to Regis, King of Lucis, even they know Regis itself couldn’t barely hold any longer the magic barrier in Insomnia? They can just wait untill Regis exhaust himself then attack Insomnia full strike to conquer it.

  2. Niffleheim agreement of ‘peace’ is just a trick so they can move inside to Insomnia to steal the crystal, which can be used to dissapear the magic barrier, and the ring of Luci, the so-legendary artifact that can made the user to use godly-power of the Six. Why King Regis didn’t foresaw this? Lucis Kingdom had emerge war with Niffleheim so many year, why he didn’t realize that Niffleheim just want to wreck their kingdom?

  3. There’s also traitor in Kingsglaive, which obvously influenced by Niffleheim, that succeed make a fuss in Lucis Kingdom before the sign of peace treaty so some people in Lucis rebel their own king. Why (once again) King Regis didn’t realize this? Is he should know there’s something wrong in Kingsglaive or Niffleheim peace agreement when Crowe get asassinated?

  4. The ring of Lucii can only used by those who inherent King Regis blood. Those who force to use it will be burned alive by the ring and those who had the King’s blood must pay ‘blood price’ to use it. If it so, then why the Kingsglaive traitor bother to fight their own king so they can take the ring? They died in process to mastering the ring in the end. The rule of the ring itself kinda inconsistent because Nyx, who didn’t inherent the blood of kings, can use it later on without being killed first because the Six ‘feel’ he kinda worth it.

  5. When King Regis meet Nyx and Luna in middle of war in Insomnia, he explained that he ‘planned’ Niffleheim to attack him in Insomnia so he can make sure his son, Noctis, safe from them awhile and decide to give the ring to Luna to carry it to Noctis so Lucis Kingdom can fight the Niffleheim again. Why he didn’t take Noctis to Insomnia and train him with the ring power before all of his power drained instead give in to Niffleheim? Is that better way for his kingdom and his son to win the war? His plan is suicidal and sacrifice not only his kingsglaive but also most of his people and their trust.

I haven’t play the FF XV game and I understand this movie is prologue of the game. But, most of the main character that died and the few that still alive in the movie is used for Noctis purpose in the game later, which to me, make the entire Kingsglaive story can be skippable or just explained with some sort of synopsis because Noctis didn’t have any role in Kingsglaive.

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