Parn (Record of Lodoss War Main Character)


Parn (Record of Lodoss War Main Character)

At the very beginning I watched record of Lodoss war OVA, I see Parn as typical main character who morally good, reckless, risk their own life for people in need, not talented but hardworking and oftentimes virtue signalling. As cliche as it sounds, Parn doing all of that because most people misunderstood his father as dishonoured man who become outlaw. He sad that his father passed away before restore his honor so he want proof to everyone that his father is man of honor like his heart believe. He even use his father armour and sword to fulfill his inner believe to the world. He also reject King Fahn offering to use King’s armour after succeed saving King’s daughter because he still remains consistent with his father armour to restore his father name.

Parn not born as greatest warrior. He oftentimes lose in battle and shaking to fear in his first kill. He may undergo a lot of training from many master but it didn’t guarantee his victory. Mostly, he got backlash because his thoughtless action, which made his character development interesting to invest. In my opinion, he is the true underdog in this story.

In very first untill middle part of story, Parn aligned to King Fahn and Valis, which basically the good side. But in last part, he forced himself to use both of Holy Sword and Demon Sword Soul Crusher to save Deedlit. At that point he realize that ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness’ is must stand equal for the peace of land so he escape when Valis want reward him as Hero of the Light and choose to become Free Knight with Deedlit to save people in need, no longer see it from light and dark perception. Again, his final development subvert my expectation.

I see many kind of underdog character (Naruto for example) which kinda follow the same formula but later on they become the chosen one or inherit some special power from their ‘legendary’ parent which made them got all the convenient power to gain all the victory and somewhat made them less interesting to invest. They also often times being ‘dense’ to other MC heroine who had love interest to them and later on getting together awkwardly.

Parn is different though. He remains underdog, even in his last battle when he want to save Deedlit. He also express his mutual feeling toward Deedlit after being dense in period of time in interesting manner and timing. I know I usually annoyed of how naive, reckless and being noisy he is with his corny virtue signalling, but in the end I like him as character because his development in his journey.

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